Non-toxic Living

It’s barely light outside. Your alarm goes off and you kick off those comfy down covers. You stumble to the shower, and the smell of your ‘Rise and Shine’ shampoo gives you an extra morning boost. You grab a fluffy towel straight from the dryer.

Teeth, makeup, hair, socks and shoes, then off to the kitchen for eggs sunny side up. You nuke some instant oatmeal for good measure. Pretty soon you’re out the door, giving yourself a pat on the back. You made it to work with minutes to spare!

You also slept on, bathed in, swallowed and breathed dozens of toxic chemicals… all before your first cup of coffee.



In today’s world, most of the products you use have more ingredients than you have free minutes in your day. Keeping up with the latest information is overwhelming.

But that’s where we come in…

Homefree Non-Toxic Living reduces your everyday exposure to chemicals by creating ingredient awareness and healthy living habits.

Everyday, we are exposed to a slew of chemicals from obvious places like outdoor air pollution, but we are also bombarded with chemicals from not so obvious places such as flame retardants in our furniture, pesticides in our hand soap, hormone disruptors in our shampoo and numbing agents in scented products.

Let’s face it, your home is the only place you truly have control over.  Work with Homefree to create a healthy non-toxic home specialized for you.